Each year, hundreds of people in New Jersey check themselves into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. They’re all looking for that glimmer of hope to return their life to normalcy.  But the sad reality is most never receive any treatment at all. The most common reason is fear. But overcoming fear is easier said than done. Drug Rehab Center Orange understands the courage it takes to walking through our front door. Every patient has made that painful but necessary decision. Here are some common fears of patients.

·         Fear of withdrawal

·         Being alone

·         A feeling of uncertainty

·         Talking about your past

·         Feelings of guilt

·         Leaving your friends and significant others

·         Living without drugs or alcohol

·         Will they treat my mental health issues

These are all legit and common fears. But the truth is no one can achieve successful rehabilitation without fully focusing on getting well. This means a patient will have to make necessary sacrifices. They will have to open up with strangers and talk about their worst fears and secrets. Drug Rehab Center Orange understands these concerns. Each and every patient had the same fears when they entered the facility. If you’re ready to take the first important step to achieving a healthy and productive lifestyle, call Drug Rehab Center Orange at (973) 380-0120 or email for more information.



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